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Aero-Tag, Inc. provides highly effective and efficient Aerial Advertising and Aerial Photography services. We LOVE what we do. We provide an array of nation-wide solutions of Commercial Aerial Advertising, Personal Aerial Advertising and Aerial Photography with a focus on the New York metropolitan area.

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We started Aero-Tag, Inc. and bought our first aircraft in 1989. (Please see The New York Times' article on us dated July 13, 1993). Today we are a fleet and a proud team working together learning and continually perfecting our skills.

When it comes to excellence in Aerial stuff, whether Aerial Photography, or, Aerial Advertising, the SKY has always been our limit. What else can you expect from a company owned and operated by a former airlines captain, flying his own aircraft, using the latest, most sophisticated and reliable equipment?

We are well aware that without you we have no existence; but, nevertheless, providing personalized attention and impeccable customer service is what makes us tick.


The areas that you'll most likely see us towing an air banner or shooting an aerial view includes Long Island (Inland, North Shore, South Shore, Jones Beach, Long Beach, Fire Island, the Hampton's, etc. ), New York City, Connecticut and Lower New York State. We are equipped and will be glad to take care of your Aerial Advertising campaign nation-wide as well.

We have two new web sites, dedicated exclusively to the two different sides of our love and profession; you're welcome to go there and browse for answers and solutions:

goes to (skywriting), dedicated to commercial and personal skywriting;

goes to (Aerial Photos) the other,, is dedicated to aerial photos and aerial views.  (You may also want to glimpse at our, not ready yet, Stock Aerial Photography website -

Please don't hesitate to call us; we would like to talk with you, get to know your specific needs, and explain our services, which we hope, will be beneficial to you.

1.800-756 6247 ( 800-75 ON AIR )

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