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Oblique(vertical available), high quality, pictures from an aircraft (airplane orhelicopter). The base price includes 15 different views (your choice of printsor developed 'positive' film). Initial prints are approximately 5 x 6 inch,(and numbered, so you can choose your free 8x10 and other enlargements).


NewYork City Metropolitan Area (South Eastern New York including LI, SouthernConnecticut, North Jersey). CHALLENGE US, TRYOTHER LOCATIONS - PHILADELPHIA, PHOENIX?


'Cause..One Aerial Picture Worth A Thousand Words... and because not only aerial picture enhances your object,it also enables you to view it from directions and angles only a bird can.
Some of the many uses are: Real Estate, Advertising and Marketing,Legal and Insurance, Construction In Progress Reports, Planning and Design aswell as a Unique Gift Idea and Home/Office Decoration.


Becausewe know what we are doing. We are here since 1989 and are engaged in flying andphotography since the 70's. We use our own airplanes (or rent helicopter ifneeded). We also use the largest of the Medium Format cameras (image size onthe negative/film is more than four times that on a 35mm film) for thebest and sharpest images and less grain on enlargements. (Please call [800 6623686] for a list of current references.)
Also, our prices are dangerously low...


Giveus the address/location of your object and any special instructions. We thenneed a few nice weather days (high visibility and minimum clouds). You will seethe bird's view of your site 3-4 business days after the flight.

and... In the near future, no need to wait! get pictures (taken with adigital camera) in your E-Mail or see them here on your password protectedInternet page.


$390 for sites on Long Island, NY and Southern Connecticut; rates for sites in other areas arebased on flight time.
Second site in same area is $290.
Same price for prints or transparencies (2.25" x 2.75" slides).
Add transparencies to prints (or vise versa) for $95.
You can buy the negatives (twenty 2.25" x 2.75") for $110.
We also take digital pictures (not recommended for enlargements bigger than11” x 14”).


Please check our new Aerial Photography site at

happyface.gif - 2.7 KPrints can be cropped (cut off what you do not wantin your picture and enlarge what you do like) and color changed to yourspecifications. When cropping, please keep proportions (height to width) closeto available paper sizes. Cropping availability and extent depend mainly onprint size selected.

Please call for more and/or updated information:

800-662 3686 (800-662 foto)


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