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Do you have a message you want to deliver? You LOVE, You hate, You scorn, You congratulate, You Felicitate, You Propose, You Sing, You hum, You regret, You are gratified, You want back your missing dog, You.........

Anything you want to say...almost ("All the News That Fit to Print"...)

Tell us what you want to say on the Air Banner, where you want if to fly, and when. We will build an aerial banner and tow it behind an airplane, directly to your target.

We will construct your aerial message using our 5' and/or 7' high red/black letters (size of letters we use, depends on altitude and distance from your target). Our plane will circle your the place you indicated about three times before returning to the airport.

You may attach to your flying banner a custom made panel with your design or artwork painted on it. This option will cost you $3-4 per square foot. Height is at least the height of the banner (5 or 7 ft). That custom made aerial panel (made of light nylon fabric), is yours to keep. We have a few special designs, like Red Hearts and a color ballons that you may add to your message at no cost.

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